Results from the Public meeting

I want to thank all of you who called, emailed and/or attended the meeting last night.

There were supporter for both propositions. The majority of those who spoke were against the idea of two lanes on Lindsey (with auxiliary lanes) and the roundabouts. It was noted that the auxiliary lanes are proposed to be only 8 feet wide many cars and most trucks are wider than that. A representative from ACOG was there ( they approve who gets the Federal dollars for road projects). Mr. Rex said that ACOG has never approved a projects like the alternative being proposed. At the least that is a risk of the millions of federal dollars which will help pay for the drainage.

Several business owners attended and some protested the proposed changes as detrimental or devastating to their business. There were ADA concerns expressed about roundabouts as well.

Please continue to get informed and to encourage your family and friends to express their views.

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