The People Prevail!

Serving on the city council from 2008 through 2014, I became familiar with the number of projects desired by the citizens: the Main library and east side branch, the senior center, Pisces Project, the parks master plan with its many projects, the new animal shelter and many others.

The animal shelter vote was avoided for years, even though after it was put to a vote, it passed by perhaps the largest margin in the history of Norman bond issues.

Instead of taking courage from that result, the city never attempted to bring forward any of the other projects widely supported by the public. Many people told me: We supported the utility increases through the years. Why can’t we get something we want for quality of life?

Now, once again, the organizational chart of the city is proven correct. You see it has the people at the top and then the city council and city manager.

Folks in Norman with their own time, effort and expense developed Norman Forward. It is a fabric of the many projects asked for, studied and left on the shelf until the public demand was at last heard in the vehicle of this bold proposal, which will quickly propel Norman back to its leadership position in the State for Quality of Life offerings.

There is something for everyone, from young children to our seniors. It is the result of years of work by many of our friends, neighbors and coworkers. It will be overseen by a diverse group of Norman residents to make sure we get what we asked for. It’s a project that says people matter in Norman.

I am truly moved by the broad nature of the effort to get this to a vote and passed. It says something great about our city when so many come together to work for not only their cause but also the others in the community.

Please join me in supporting this great community effort to move Norman Forward.


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