Transparency crucial for city

Reading the March 29th edition of the Norman Transcript I noticed two articles on the front page which has been the basis for many debates in Norman. One spoke of Judge Virgin’s order to the City of Norman to release the emails requested many months ago to Casey Holcomb and Darcie Woodson, the other the preliminary hearing concerning the Friendly Market and Stephen Tyler Holman.

The timing is fortuitous as later this week early voting begins for the City Council races. No mater your views on these subjects the fact is our Council can affect them.

I am not sure where the policy came from to charge research fees and fees for legal review to get emails but I do know that the City Council can change that policy.

Transparency is crucial to good governance and the public trust. Citizens should not have to sue the City to get their records. Council could have intervened at any point and still can. Who you elect may determine what you know.

The legal question in the second story is still being debated but the policy question is up to the City Council regardless of that determination. Local laws would not trump state laws, if that is the case; however prioritization is the bailiwick of the Council. They can define and enforce community oriented policing, the priorities of enforcement. These are the concerns people are discussing in this case and our elected officials can make a difference.

You can make a difference in these topics too by voting April 5th.

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