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The Twilight Zone 

Imagine a world where other states add millions of uninsured to their Medicaid rolls while your government is kicking 100,000 people off Medicaid, all during a time when the hospitals in this state are going bankrupt caring for the uninsured. Where more will be ruined fighting sickness or, worse, just die due to lack of funds or resources.

In this Bizarro world, the compounding financial crisis is the basis for all these things, yet an amount greater than the annual budget is given away in tax cuts and tax incentives, every year. A place where familiar calls to help families, improve education, take care of the veterans and make the state safe are heard, all the while the funds to do these things are squandered.

Imagine Oklahoma.

What person, household or business would allow such nonsense to undermine the basis for its government’s very existence? So now it is on us.


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