Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Norman is a special place,which has been rated first in the state and 40th in the country of best places to live! I'm proud of that fact, and I believe that our community's unique balance between that of a larger, progressive city and a quiet University town is the key to our exceptional quality of life.

Public service on City Council though is not simply a matter of solving bigger issues for the larger community. First and foremost, it's about representing the interests of individual residents, like you, and working to resolve the many smaller, but equally important problems affecting your families, homes and neighborhoods.

Norman is a wonderful city because of diverse people and interests and points of view. If we wish to protect and enhance the character and values that make Norman such a great place to live, it's important that we work cooperatively together as a community of neighbors, and that our municipal government works for all of us.

I promise to continue to represent your interests, and keep working to ensure that City Hall acts in the best interest of all of the citizens of Norman and not just a select few. In order to do that I have changed this website to be interactive. I want to hear your ideas as well as to keep you informed. I will periodically send out updates on important issues to help keep you informed. Please sign up on the update page.

Sincerely, Tom

Latest News:

Bond Election Meetings

If you would like information on the Bond Election on August 28th please go to

As a reminder there is a public meeting tonight at Bethel Baptist, behind the Sooner Pharmacy on Lindsey, tonight at 7 PM.

There is joint Ward Meeting being announced:
Councilmembers Kovach and Jungman will be holding a joint ward meeting for Wards 2 and 4 on August 16th beginning at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall. Discussion will be on the August 28th Transportation Projects Special Election.

Councilmember Kovach stated “This meeting is intended to give another opportunity for the public to get information concerning the August 28th Bond Election. After a presentation, we will have time for questions about the projects or the Bond Election. While it is a joint ward meeting for Wards 2 and 4 all are welcome.”

Councilmember Jungman said “I am excited to work directly with our citizens on understanding the benefits of this bond proposal. Councilmember Kovach and I hope that members of Ward 2 and 4 as well as any other interested citizens of Norman will join us in this important discussion.”

Widening Lindsey Street a must

My letter to the editor did not mention the bike lanes for Lindsey Street , but to be clear the widening will meet the standards of a “Complete Street”. ADA sidewalks and bike paths are included.

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript

I am writing in response to the letter of August 1st, concerning the bond election. I am reminded of Senator Moynihan who said “You’re entitled to your own opinions but you’re not entitled to your own facts.” Let me make sure the facts are clear.

The widening plan is an approved ACOG (Association of Central Oklahoma Governments) project, they are charged with distribution of federal road funds in the metropolitan area. Federal funding approval is not in question. A Lindsey Street improvement was last voted on by the public on May 1970 and lost by only 144 votes. There was a more recent discussion of widening Lindsey, at that time it was opposed by the West Lindsey Street merchants. I have met several times with business and property owners on Lindsey to listen to and address their concerns. Currently the organizer of that group is a leading proponent of this bond issue.

I have been involved with this proposal from its inception and have participated in its change. At no time was any representative of the University of Oklahoma present nor was there any plans given to us other than by the design consultant who met with the business owners for their input, and a version of that plan by a business owner. While I would presume the University is supportive of the public safety improvements and even the aesthetic improvements to Lindsey Street, it was the property owners on Lindsey who asked for the landscaping and other items which are included in the proposal.

The plan will not route water under Lindsey to the South-side solution of Lake McGee. The plan takes the water to the river by going West on Lindsey and then, South along I-35. It will solve flooding for not only “Lake McGee” but also flooding along McGee which goes past Marion Street, also on Wylie Street and Lindsey itself. Briggs Street area flooding and Imhoff Creek will also get relief from this project.

There are no plans to add four lanes to Lindsey Street past Berry, in fact the new bridge over Imhoff Creek is proposed to be only three lanes. Nor is there such a plan for Berry Street.

I cannot imagine that there would be support for it.

This project is about our neighbors, who are affected by the flooding. Since Whittier first opened the flooding has caused; kids to wade through the water to get home, and access problems for at least three churches, numerous businesses and homes. This is not just an inconvenience, but a matter of public safety, because emergency vehicles cannot get through the flooded streets. So why not solve this problem when we can do it for half the expense and at a time that will cause the least impact to businesses?

Please join me in voting yes on August 28.