Your vote should count

Voting overwhelmingly to support curbside recycling in 2007, the public passed a ballot, by nearly a 70 % margin, that “set a rate to provide required weekly curbside service”. Norman’s Charter was amended by a popular referendum to necessitate voter approval for city utility rate increases.
The initial five year contract for curbside recycling is nearly up and the new bids are in. Surprisingly the only two options provided were to maintain the same weekly services or to go to polycarts and add cardboard to the collected items and switching to bi-weekly service.
The polycart option addresses many current concerns such as having wheels and a lid, as well as taking cardboard, it still may be confusing to many people to go to every other week. Additionally, it specifically violates the ballot language that was approved by the public. I have asked that we simply add this to our scheduled May election and ask for permission to change the frequency. We could also correct the glaring mistake of not asking the public what they think. After all this would be a five year contract and the least we could do is have a public meeting before we proceed.

I think recycling is too important to Norman not to ask the public what they prefer.

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